Men's Fashion in Revolution

      In the present age of fashion and style, everyone wants to look different from others. Whenever one talks about fashion, the picture of a woman comes in the mind. But in this present days, revolution has been wide that even men's fashion statement has been stirred as well. They are considered to be more fashion conscious than men. However, a lot of changes have taken place in mens clothing industry. Men are now becoming fashion- oriented as women are. May it be old or young man, each and everyone of them wanted to follow the fad that is overflowing in the market. Men, just like women try to look fabulous and mythic in their wardrobes so they could satisfy their selves.

The mens wear market has a lot to offer these days and the garment manufacturing companies are fighting hard to provide the latest fashion clothes for men. The youths and adults enjoy the unique and stylish garment items being introduced these days. Some of the very popular items are casual trousers with hip-hop looks, T-shirts with portraits of celebrities printed on them, cargo pants and many more.

Moreover, mens fashion is no way any less important than women's wear. Mens wear has come a long way since generations ago and nowadays are at par or even more design oriented than women's in the global scenario. Everything relating to men have become trendy and fashionable, be it shoes, belts, leather accessories, jackets or mens suits. Mens clothing aims at making these men look sharp and distinct no matter what the occasion is all about. They should look spectacular at all times from dinner dates to job interviews to relaxing at the pub with friends. The dressing up for all occasions should be unique, stylish and tasteful that will leave a memorable impression with every individual they come contact with.

Nevertheless, whatever the type of fashion a man would choose, what is much more important is his over- all character as a human being that is commendable in the society not just of his outside looks above all with his good deeds.

It is often said that you must dress for success, and yet when we stop and think about that, it is a rather silly notion. In essence what it is saying is you must put on a mask over your "individual self" to somehow prove your self-worth to those you will be dealing with. In other words you are dressing in a way that is a form of trickery, pretending to be something other than you actually are. Worse, people actually buy into this concept, almost everyone in our society does.

Military men wear uniforms to prove allegiance, and they put on various medals and ribbons to prove their rank. As if the pecking order really takes into consideration the strength of character, honor, and bravery of the man behind the threads. The reality is that the individual behind the threads if they are one with their position, and they are as good as they say they are, then indeed they wouldn't need any mask to hide behind.

Indeed, I've always said; "if you have to wear a suit and tie it to impress me, you've already lost your battle, because I can see right through that, and it doesn't impress me much." Now then, I hate to hurt the fine garment industry, but I must tell you I do not own a suit or a tie, and I wouldn't wear one of those things to impress anyone, I don't feel I have to. I know who I am, I know what I'm capable of, I know my experience level, my education, and my observations of mankind. There's no reason to pretend.

Sometimes I think that the reason ties were invented in the first place was because they were like ropes around someone's neck, and if a subordinate caused too much problems you'd have that rope at your disposal by simply grabbing on it. Almost like a leash on a dog. If we look at suits and ties in this regard, they are a form of submission. In other words you are requested to wear a suit so that you know your pecking order is below those in charge.

And those who wear suits are demonstrating that they are not at the top level pecking order, that they work for someone else, a higher authority other than themselves in the company, government, military, academia, nonprofit group, or other organization. So if you're not the lead dog, I guess you might have to wear a suit and tie for your job, but with that said; he who puts on a suit and tie is making a statement. That statement says to me; "I am not as good as they pretend to be, this suit is a mask." That's what I see, and I'd like you to think about that. How silly all you humans look to me.